Darrell Van Vactor, President of Crappie USA gives Stubby Steve' s Fish Food Pellets his seal of approval.... See photos of our Fish Food Pellets, worms, creature bait, shrimp, crawfish and chubbys catching fish...
Fishermen are talking about how much they love using our lures to catch trout, bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, etc....
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Seven out of the top 8 top place finishers in 2013 Crappie USA points divsion used our Fish Food Pellets!
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Roy Cape, Jr. and  Robert Harris finished first place using our Fish Food Pellets! Congratulations!
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Janette and Jo Carter fihished 2nd in the Crappie USA 2013 points race... (using our Fish Food Pellets)!
Roger and  Brandon Milby finshed third in Crappie USA's 2013 points race using our Fish Food Pellets....
Team McCord finshed fourth using our Fish Food Pellets.  The little guy was very helpful in catching lots of crappie last year!
Ashley Adams and Mason Milby finshed fifth in Crappi USA's 2013 points race..... Mason really loves our "Lightnin' Bug" pellets!
Doyle and Sonny Milby are looking great in their new jerseys!  They finshed sixth in the 2013 Crappie USA's point race.... they also like our "Lightnin' Bug" pellets.....
The great guys we sponsor, Steve and Daniel Gentz finshed eighth in the 2013 Crappie USA points race.... Lookin' good gentlemen!
We just love this story from Mark and Billy Seay... they finshed first in the amateur division at the Crappie USA tournament on March 16, 2013... they credit using a sample pack of our Fish Food Pellets to help  put them in first place....
Scott Rumsey and Steve Brown credit using our Fish Food Pellets to help them win first place in the Crappie USA tournament on Feb. 23, 2013.... Steve talked us into making the brand new "Bright Pink" and "Light Pink" pellets!
Brian Arnett and Marc Shoulta  credit using our Fish Food Pellets to help them finish in 2nd place in the Crappie USA Super Event on April 27, 2012....
Bruce Newman is a fan of our pellets and helps to spread the word to crappie fishermen all over the US!
Use our pellets alone or add them to your favorite Road Runner Lure or Bobby Garland Crappie Bait!  It will add a long-lasting strong odor that crappie can't resist!
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North American Fisherman Club Official Field Testers gave us their seal of approval!